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Blue Vase

3-D object created for the computer game Obduction by Cyan. The image shows the placement of the object in the game.


A portrayal of the Egyptian cat statues of Bastet based on the markings of feral Egyptian cats.

Barn Owl

Art for an unpublished book cover, and one of my favorite creatures.

Alan Rickman as Professor Snape - A Portrait

Portrait painted in memory of Alan Rickman after his death in 2016. A print of this artwork was donated to a Harry Potter event for children in Great Britain. The work sold in silent auction for £90, 100% of which will be used for future children's Harry Potter events.

Katrina and Bramble

The Greatest Gifts

Animated Christmas card for 2011.

Entry in Popular Photography Magazine's 2006 Photomontage Contest

The assignment: Create an image in Photoshop using only parts of 12 images provided and Photoshop filters and effects.

Homage to Mucha: Mistletoe and Quill

Christmas card art inspired by Primrose and Feather by Alphonse Mucha.

Homage to Klimt: Water Serpents

Art imitation inspired by Water Serpents I by Gustav Klimt.

Let It Snow

Diversionary Tactics